10 - The Land of Qa
The Land of Qa
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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Tjall and Argunn have assisted in rebuilding Thorgal's house, and are now ready to leave again. On that last evening Argunn, who has been teaching Jolan how to use a bow, is kidnapped together with the boy. It turns out to be a scheme by Kriss of Valnor, who needs Thorgal's assistance and knew that this was the only way to get it...


1] feet from tree and its Tjall came to the island of Thorgal to help rebuild his house ( destroyed due to Alinoe , see the album 8). 2] But Jolan and feet are removed from tree by bandits . 3] Shiv Valnor just explain to Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and that it was she who had them removed . For review , they must help to accomplish a mission. Having no other choice, Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and agree to follow it. 4] On the road , or rather in the air (it uses a boat to travel mongolfiere ), the " first regent " of people Xinjin explains the situation in his country, Qâ country , a god named Ogotaï submitted the Chaams the people , and uses them to conquer the world. He made them build a city named Mayaxatl , from which depart his armed . Killings and violence are made ​​. God Tanaltoc , helps people Xinjin last people to resist the conquest of Ogotaï . He promises Kriss deValnor a solid gold carriage if , and forced his teammates manage to kill Varth , and so stop the madness of his designs. 5] Meanwhile, Jolan and feet from tree are brought to the capital Xinjin and kept hostage. 6] Shiv Valnor , Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and walk the city Mayaxatl.