6 - The Fall of Brek Zarith
The Fall of Brek Zarith
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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Baron Zorn is forced to be part of an experimental flight - and doesn't survive it. After that Shardar the mighty takes Aaricia's son with him for an experiment. He uses powers that are in the child to bring up visions of threats. Vikings over the water, Galathorn and an army over land, barons and vassals planning to take the power... And one man on foot, all alone, and that is the biggest threat...


1] It is learned that Jolan , son of Aaricia and Thorgal was born. It is used by Shardar illegitimate king Brek Zarith to read the future : The north vikings will attack for gold renverme the castle, and Galathorn , helped Thorgal arrive to regain the throne . 2] Shardar easily repels the attack of the Vikings. It uses mirrors to burn the longships . 3] Thorgal infiltrates the castle and found Aaricia . But she refuses to leave without jolan , held by some in the castle. She knocks Thorgal , who wanted to force her to leave. Recis adventures of Thorgal Aegirsson

4] Shardar fled with Aaricia . Before leaving , he was stocking all the occupants of the castle. Thorgal regains consciousness , Vikings and Galathorn are invading the castle. No resistance was made ​​because everyone was empoisonné.5 ] Arriving in the treasure room , Shardar , which ultimately did not go far , it precipitates Jorund -Bull and treasure in an abyss endless (at least deep ) . Following what Shardar fled. 6] Thorgal pursues in the underground of the castle, to a secret exit , overlooking the cliffs. Thorgal and Jolan are found along the way. 7] arrived on the cliff, Shardar rushed into the void. Thorgal and Jolan Aaricia finally found . Recis adventures of Thorgal Aegirsson

8] Galathorn the throne and starts are reign . Vikings leave home. Thorgal and Jolan Aaricia leave food "out of men."