11 - The Eyes of Tanatloc
The Eyes of Tanatloc
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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While Kriss' company struggles through an unknown jungle, full with unknown but not undangerous animals, Argunn and Jolan are trying to escape. No use, since the city is surrounded by desert. When they return Tanatloc discovers who Thorgal and Jolan really are. He senses the strength of Jolan's hidden strength. And that is good, for it is needed to rescue Thorgal...


1] Jolan feet from tree and tried to escape from the city. But the desert surrounding the city was right in their attempt. 2] Meanwhile, Shiv Valnor , Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and progress through the jungle to the city Mayaxatl . Kriss and Aaricia never stop this bickering . 3] and Jolan feet from tree were brought to the capital Xinjin . They are now treated very well and enjoy the local life. 4] Tanatloc , the chief god of the capital and the Xinjin people ask to see Jolan . He reveals his powers . Jolan is capable of changing the state of the material, the shape and mastering telekinesis . Tanatloc briefly explains the geo- political situation Ogotaï is an evil that must be stopped . 5] In the jungle, Thorgal is now suffering from a high fever and is very diminished. From the city where it is located, and with the help of Tanaltoc , Jolan manages to "bind" mentally with Thorgal , and so to heal. 6] But this effort was too important to Tanatloc , and had for his last strength . However, he left his first regent a disc containing a full explanation of the situation : Tanatloc Xargos real name and not a god but an Atlantean , returned with others of his race to reclaim the Earth, left a few millennia earlier. Ogotaï called Varth , and was one of their own , they are the only two Atlanteans came from space, still alive today. Thorgal is an Atlantean , but is born on earth ( sea more exactly). He is the son of Ogotaï and unnamed goddess ( Haynee ) and the grand-son of Tanatloc . Tanatloc application has its first regent prevent Thorgal kill Ogotaï , since it is his father ( Oedipus when you hold us ... ) . 7] Jolan has been appointed to succeed Tanatloc to lead the Xinjin people. 8] Meanwhile, in the jungle, betrayals and bickering between the small team continues to move towards Mayaxatl.


Tanatloc is not friendly with his little son back , Jolan . In propelling without asking his opinion, to the rank of chief god of a people, he condemned to an existence that can not be wished . Moreover, an existence made ​​more suffering than pleasure . If Jolan inherited in a little time is of his father's ideas (freedom , equality, wisdom etc ... ), it will probably hate this life.