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The Three Elders of Aran (Thorgal part 3)

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The Three Elders of Aran (Thorgal part 3)

A brutal adventuring Viking, Karshan took part in a tournament at the invitation of the Benevolent Ones, the winner of which would ostensibly become king of the Land of Aran. The promised riches have attracted away from home.

At the first trial, he demonstrated his bravery and his warrior by bringing a golden sword, having fought and defeated a dozen other suitors.

He then went into a supernatural place, accompanied by Volsung and Thorgal. Ridiculed by the Guardian which puts the challenge to seduce her, he took advantage of a trick to knock Volsung Thorgal and grab the golden key leading to the Second World.

But in the finals, during which he must choose between three doors, the water gate leads to destruction by driving into a deadly vortex. [1]